This page lists the College's salary scales for all job levels and families as well as the gross costs and relevant terms and conditions associated with them. 

Salary scales

Gross costs

Gross costs


For advice on how to calculate projected salaries or other queries relating to the gross costs of employment please contact your local Faculty Finance Officer or equivalent.

Research Projects

Staff costs on research projects are calculated in accordance with Full Economic Costing (FEC) methodology, using the InfoEd system


This privacy notice explains how Imperial College London (the College, we, our, us) collects, uses and shares (or "processes") personal data of staff (including workers such as casual workers), prospective staff (i.e. job applicants), visiting academics and researchers, honoraries and secondees (you, your), and your rights in relation to the personal data we hold.

Terms and conditions

Core terms and conditions

Academic and research family (appendix to Core Terms)

Professional, technical, operational services, learning & teaching family (appendices to Core Terms)

Clinical, academic and research nurses

Protected terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to staff employed after May 1999 who did not transfer to a Job Family.